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Hi! I'm yaori your young looking innocent girl. I am residing in the philippines, definitely I'm a filipina, I am fun to be with, still a little bit of shy and still building my confidence. I love chatting especially on skype, kik, snapchat etc... I also do love fetish and kinky videos that is so weird and funny, a video that will make you laugh and have a memorable experience.

I love being spoiled, I love arts, I have photoshop editing experience. I am also a gamer, I play league of legends and warcraft and online rpg games. I also watch anime esp hentai, I love masturbating with my little kitty they are so tight and so little they are my most favorite part in my body.

I don't have any kind of anal experience or toy play, I'm using my fingers in playing and only one finger because two three fingers hurts because my kitties really have small and tight holes, would you like to see me play with it? I would love to share it with you and I will fulfill your lust!

My service:
I do custom video, fetish, kinky, funny and weird, I also have photosets but they are not all in hd quality, because I'm only using my mobile phone in doing videos and chatting but they are clear. the reason I joined rentamodelmarket is to earn money for my college fee and to buy an hd webcam and a laptop so I can produce good quality video and 100% satisfaction. and take note my videos are all watermarked and should only use for personal purpose. Thanks

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